King's Mountain Miniatures, 28mm American War of Independence

Galloping Major sells and distributes the King's Mountain range of 28mm American War of Independence figures in the UK and Europe.

Would American customers interested in ordering these figures please go to:

Unlike our other ranges, the King's Mountain range are not sculpted by our director, Lance Cawkwell, but were commissioned by Bill Nevins and sculpted by Alan Marsh. 

The moulds and castings for these figures are produced by the same UK company as are those for our own Galloping Major designs, and are therefore of the same exceptionally high standard.

A quick mention about how the King's Mountain AWI figures scale alongside other popular ranges, the picture below by Scott MacPhee shows the following, left to right: Old Glory, King's Mountain, Perry, King's Mountain, Fife&Drum.

There is a temporary 15% discount on the King's Mountain Highlanders while current stocks last.