King's Mountain Miniatures American

A quick mention about how the King's Mountain AWI figures scale alongside other popular ranges, the picture below by Scott MacPhee shows the following, left to right: Old Glory, King's Mountain, Perry, King's Mountain, Fife&Drum.

There is a temporary 15% discount on the King's Mountain Highlanders while current stocks last.

This section also includes the King's Mountain Miniatures Heads, which as well as being intended for the KMM AWI range, were specifically designed to match Galloping Major figures to provide head-swaps. Many of the heads are suitable for other periods, including the Galloping Major FIW and TWR ranges; a good many are also good for head swaps with the KMM Highlanders to create different British units.


Due to the nature of the way the moulds for these heads are organised, when we order stocks of these from the casting company in Birmingham (KMM use the same UK company we have always used) we get as many from the packs which sell out quickly as those that sell less frequently; consequently we have a disparity in stock numbers which is increasing. To help re-balance our stock of sets of heads, we are reducing the price of some by 25% or 50%! These temporary discounts will be removed as stocks of each pack reach more standard levels.