NEW British Starter Forces

I am frequently asked, especially at shows and often by those who are new to the French & Indian War as a period for gaming: "what would you suggest as a small force to get started into the period?" Not as easy a question to answer as at first appears, there is no real one-size-fits-all option, but I'm usually able to guide customers at shows into finding a satisfactory solution.

I've been giving the subject some thought, as while we have quite a few options for unit deals in particular areas of our FIW range through which customers can order useful combinations of packs while making modest savings against the same combinations of separate packs, hitherto we have not offered pre-set deals made up of combinations of unit sized packs each with their own command figure character and aimed at getting a small but capable force quickly onto the table - and at noticeable savings.

Of course, these Starter Force deals may also prove a source of useful reinforcements for those who already have established forces they wish to expand.

The first Starter Force I've constructed rejoices under the highly imaginative title of "British Starter Force 1", comprising a solid British infantry unit and two adept skirmish units: Rangers and Mohawk Warriors, it should provide the gamer with a capable combination of units for a wide variety of scenarios - of course, the results will also depend on command decisions made "in the field".

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